Agriculture-Related Courses in Nigerian Universities

The following courses in the faculty of Agriculture in Nigerian Universities can set you up to pursue a career in Agriculture and Agriculture-related Business.

If you love agriculture, you can go for anyone of them.

1. Agriculture
2. Agriculture Co-Operative Management
3. Agricultural Economics
4. Agricultural Economics and Extension
5. Agricultural Extension
6. Agronomy
7. Animal Production and Health Services
( UNAAB offer it as Pasture and Range Management )
8. Animal Science
( UNAAB offers it as Animal Science / Nutrition)
9. Animal Physiology
10. Animal Breeding and Genetics
11. Crop Production / Crop Science
12. Crop Protection
13. Crop, Soil and Environmental Science
14. Ecotourism and Wild Life Management
15. Plant Science and Biotechnology / Plant Science and Crop Production
16. Soil Science / Soil Management / Soil and Environmental Management
17. Family, Nutrition and Consumer Science
18. Veterinary Science
19. Environmental Management and Toxicology
20. Fisheries / Fisheries Management
21. Fisheries and Wild Life Management
22. Fisheries and Aquaculture
23.  Food Science and Technology
24. Food Science with Business
25. Forestry / Forest Resources Management
26. Forestry and Wild Life
27. Forestry and Environmental Management
28. Forestry and Fisheries
29. Forestry, Wild Life and Fisheries
30. Wild Life Management
31. Forestry and Wood Technology
32. Plant Breeding and Seed Technology
33. Home Economics
34. Hospitality and Tourism Management
35. Home Science and Management
36. Nutrition and Dietetics
37. Horticulture
38. Water Resources Management and Meteorology